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Immediately refer to the Chemistry test exam 2021 in Hanoi and download the exam file to your computer to prepare well for the upcoming exam. The Chemistry test exam 2021 of Hai Phong province is released in a familiar format, following the illustrated topic structure of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Try it now with this National High School mock exam 2021

(Download this chemistry mock exam to your computer according to the attached file below)

Chemistry test exam 2021 Hanoi Department of Education and Training

Question 41: Which of the following chemicals can soften hard water?

A. NaOH.

B. Na2CO3.

C. NaCl.

D. NaNO3.

Level 42: Nabica is a medicine for stomach pain caused by excess acid. The drug’s main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate (or sodium bicarbonate). The chemical formula of sodium bicarbonate is

A. NaOH.

B. NaHCO3.

C. Na2CO3.


Question 43: Which of the following metals does not react with CuCl2 solution?

A. Zn.

B. Ag.

C. Mg.

D. Al.

Question 44: Iron(III) hydroxide (Fe(OH)3) is a solid, insoluble in water and colored

A. reddish brown.

B. blue.

C. bluish white.

D. pale yellow.

Question 45: Which of the following substances is a monosaccharide?

A. Cellulose.

B. Starch.

C. Glucose.

D. Sucrose.

Question 46: By electrolysis of solutions, which of the following metals can be prepared?

A. Na.

B. Ca.

C. Al.

D. Cu.

Question 47: Plant ash is used as a chemical fertilizer. Which of the following is a chemical fertilizer?

A. Nitrophotka fertilizers.

B. Phosphate fertilizer.

C. Potassium fertilizers.

D. Nitrogen fertilizers.

Question 48: Metals have common physical properties (conductivity, thermal conductivity, plasticity and metallic luster) because in metal crystals there are

A. Positive ions move freely.

B. metal atoms move freely.

C. negative ions move freely.

D. electrons move freely.

Question 49: Smoking is very harmful to health. One of the reasons is that tobacco contains an amine called nicotine. Nicotine has a molecular formula of .

A. C6H12O6.

B. C10H22.

C. C6H10O4.

D. C10H14N2.

Question 50: Calcium sulfate exists as a hydrated salt CaSO4.H2O called

A. anhydrous plaster.

B. live plaster.

C. calcined plaster.

D. wet plaster.

More reference: Chemistry test exam 2021 Binh Thuan Department of Education and Training (with answers)

Question 51: Molecules of amino acids contain functional groups at the same time

A. -NH2 and -COO-.

B. -OH and -COOH.

C. -NH2 and -COOH.

D. -NH2 and -CHO.

Question 52: Which of the following metals belongs to group IA?

A. Cu.

B. Na.

C. Fe.

D. Al.

Question 53: The chemical formula of chromium(VI) oxide is

A. Cr2O3.

B. CrO.

C. CrO6.

D. CrO3.

Question 54: Which of the following substances is a type of fat?

A. (C15H31COO)3C3H5.

B. C15H31COOH.

C. (CH3COO)3C3H5.

D. (C17H33COO)2C2H4.

Question 55: Civil and industrial gas has the main components of liquefied propane and butane. The molecular formulas of these two substances are ., respectively

A. C3H8 and C4H10.

B. C3H4 and C4H6.

C. C3H6 and C4H8.

D. CH4 and C2H4.

Question 56: Which of the following oxides is reduced by CO at high temperature?

A. CaO.

B. Fe2O3.

C. Na2O.

D. Al2O3.

Question 57: In order to proactively prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Health urges people to well implement “5K MESSAGE: Masks – Disinfection – Distance – Not Focusing – Medical Declaration”. Which of the following chemicals in hand sanitizers disinfects?

A. Benzene.

B. Ethanol.

C. Formic aldehydes.

D. Acetic acid.

Question 58: The polymer that is the main component of PVC pipes is polymerized from which of the following monomers?

A. CH2=C=Cl.

B. CH2=CH-Cl.

C. CH2=CH2.

D. C6H5-CH=CH2.

Question 59: The compound CH3COOC2H5 is called

A. methyl acetate.

B. methyl propionate.

C. ethyl acetate.

D. ethyl acetic.

Question 60: Completely burning which of the following silks yields only CO2 and H2O?

A. Acetate silk.

B. Nitron silk.

C. Nylon-6.6.

D. Silk.

Question 61: Let mg of Gly-Ala act just enough with 200 ml of 1M NaOH solution. The value of m is

A. 16.4.

B. 14.7.

C. 17.4.

D. 14.6.

Question 62: Which of the following statements is correct?

A. Fructose and glucose can be distinguished by a solution of AgNO3 in NH3.

B. Reducing glucose with H2 at high temperature yields sobitol.

C. Glucose is reduced when reacting with AgNO3 solution in NH3.

D. Starch and cellulose are isomers of each other.

Question 63: Electrolysis completely melts 14.9 grams of chloride salts of an alkali metal R, yielding 2.24 liters of gas at the anode. Metal R is

A. Ca.

B. Li.

C. Na.


Question 64: Completely ferment a gram of glucose, yielding C2H5OH and CO2. Absorb all the CO2 produced into the lime water in the residue, 20g of precipitate is obtained. What is the value of a

A. 18.0.

B. 16.2.

C. 36.0.

D. 32.4.

Question 65: Put mg of Na in water to get a solution of A and V liters of H2 gas (dktc). To neutralize A requires 200 ml of 0.1 M HCl solution. The value of V is

A. 0.112.

B. 0.336.

C. 0.448.

D. 0.224.

Question 66: FeO exhibits reduction in the reaction with which of the following substances?

A. Dilute H2SO4 solution.

B. Dilute HNO3 solution.

C. Dilute HCl solution.

D. High temperature CO gas.

Reference: Chemistry exam exam 2021 with answers for the 1st time in Ben Tre High School for the Gifted

Question 67: Pour into test tubes 1 and 2, each tube is about 3 ml of dilute H2SO4 solution of the same concentration and at the same time put a piece of zinc in each tube at the same time. Add 2-3 drops of CuSO4 solution to tube 2. Which of the following statements is correct?

A. The escape rates of the two test tubes are the same.

B. Test tube 1 gas escapes faster due to chemical corrosion.

C. In a test tube, the 2 gases escape faster because CuSO4 is the catalyst.

D. Test tube 2 gases escape faster due to electrochemical corrosion.

Question 68: Which of the following statements is not true?

A. Plastics are polymeric materials with plasticity.

B. Silk is less stable in acidic and basic environments.

C. Buna rubber has the main component CH2=CH-CH=CH2.

D. PE is an abbreviation for polyethylene.

Question 69: Hydrolysis of ester X in alkaline environment yields 2 salts. X is





Question 70: Perform a mixed aluminum heat reaction including Al, FeO, Fe2O3 in the absence of air to obtain a mixture of solids X. Put X into the excess NaOH solution, obtain 3.36 liters of H2 and mg insoluble solid. If X is added to excess dilute HNO3, 5.6 liters of NO (the only reduction product) is obtained. The reaction occurs completely. All gas volumes were measured at dtc. The value of m is

A. 11.2.

B. 11.1.

C. 16.2.

D. 8.4.

Question 71: Put mg of mixture A including Na, Na2O, Na2CO3 in water, get solution X and 1.12 liters of H2 gas. Divide X into 2 equal parts:

– Part I reacts just enough with 250 ml of 1M HCl solution.

– Part II absorbs all 1.12 liters of CO2 gas, and solution Y contains two solutes with a total mass of 12.6 grams.

The reaction occurs completely. All gas volumes were measured at dtc. The mass percent of Na2O in A is

A. 27.75%.

B. 39.74%.

C. 32.46%.

D. 16.94%.

Question 72: Complete hydrolysis of mg of triglycerides X requires just enough 0.12 mol of NaOH to obtain 35.44 grams of a mixture of 2 salts of sodium palmitate and sodium oleate. If 2mg of X is added to the excess Br2 solution, at most a mole of Br2 has reacted. What is the value of a

A. 0.04.

B. 0.16.

C. 0.08.

D. 0.18.

Question 73: Give the following statements:

(1) It is not possible to distinguish aniline and phenol by bromine solution.

(2) HCOOCH3 has a lower boiling point than CH3COOH.

(3) All amino acids change litmus purple.

(4) Fructose has a silver coating reaction, showing that the fructose molecule has a -CHO functional group.

(5) At room temperature triolein is a solid.

Number of correct statements is

A. 4.

B. 1.

C. 3.

D. 2.

Question 74: Give the following statements:

(1) The mixture of Fe3O4 and Cu (1:1 molar ratio) is completely dissolved in excess HCl solution.

(2) Add Al to NaOH solution and see the appearance of a precipitate and then the precipitate dissolves.

(3) Put Ba(OH)2 into NaHCO3 solution, see a white precipitate and gas rise.

(4) Fe is oxidized to Fe3+ when reacting with excess AgNO3 solution.

(5) The mixture of Ba and Al2O3 (molar ratio 1: 2) is completely soluble in excess water.

Number of correct statements is

A. 4.

B. 2.

C. 1.

D. 3.

Question 75: Mixture X includes C2H4, C2H2, C3H8, C4H10. Take 6.32 grams of X through the flask containing Br2 aqueous solution (excess) and see that there are 0.12 moles of Br2 participating in the reaction. On the other hand, burning all 2.24 liters of X requires V liters of O2 gas, after the reaction, 9.68 grams of CO2 is obtained. The reaction occurs completely. All gas volumes were measured at dtc. The value of V is

A. 6.72.

B. 8.96.

C. 5.60.

D. 7.84.

Question 76: X is a saturated, bifunctional, open-chain carboxylic acid. Y is a saturated, monofunctional, open-chain alcohol. T is a bifunctional ester made of X and Y. Complete combustion of 0.45 mol of mixture M of X, Y and T yields 1.5 mol CO2 and 1.45 mol H2O. When heating 0.45 mol M with NaOH solution to complete reaction, the maximum number of moles of NaOH reacted is

A. 0.25 mol.

B. 0.45 mol.

C. 0.50 mol.

D. 0.55 mol.

Question 77: Complete combustion of 17.2 grams of organic matter X requires 0.9 mol O2, yielding 10.8 grams of H2O. On the other hand, 0.4 mol of mixture A, B (which are monofunctional isomers of X) is completely exhausted with 300 ml of 2M NaOH solution to obtain solution Y. Concentrate Y to get 37.8 grams of anhydrous solid. If Y reacts with an excess of AgNO3 solution in NH3, 1.2 mol Ag is obtained. The mass of the solute with the largest molecular mass in Y is

A. 9.4 grams.

B. 4.7 grams.

C. 9.6 grams.

D. 20.4 grams.

Question 78: Mix mixture X (including ethylamine and propylamine) with open-chain hydrocarbons Y according to the corresponding molar ratio 1: 2 to obtain mixture Z. To completely burn 11.92 grams of mixture Z, it is necessary to use enough 1, 08 mol O2, combustion products including CO2, H2O and N2 are led through a concentrated NaOH solution, the mass of the solution increases by 44.8 grams. The mass of Y in the mixture Z is closest to which of the following?

A. 7.10 grams.

B. 6.73 grams.

C. 9.50 grams.

D. 6.25 grams.

Question 79: Heating 108.7 grams of mixture X including Al, Fe(NO3)2 and FeCO3 in a closed vessel (without air) to constant mass yields solid Y and 1 mole of gas mixture M has The cubic billion for H2 is 22.8. Let the whole solid Y react with a solution containing 3.57 mol HCl and 0.345 mol NaNO3, gently heat to obtain solution Z and 6.72 liters of gas mixture T consisting of NO and N2O. React the entire solution Z with an excess of AgNO3 solution, yielding 0.448 liters of NO as the only reduction product and mg of precipitate. The reaction occurs completely. All gas volumes were measured at dtc. Which of the following is closest to the value of m?

A. 525.

B. 512.

C. 519.

D. 523.

Question 80: Carry out the experiment according to the following steps:

Step 1: Add to two flasks 10 ml of ethyl acetate each.

Step 2: Add 15 ml of 20% H2SO4 solution to the first flask; 20 ml of 30% NaOH solution into the second flask.

Step 3: Shake both flasks well and install condenser tube, gently heat through asbestos mesh for about 5 minutes, let cool.

Give the following statements:

(1) After step 2, the liquid in both flasks separates into two layers.

(2) In step 3, the role of the asbestos net is to avoid heat accumulation and to avoid cracking of the flask.

(3) In step 3, in both flasks hydrolysis of esters occurs.

(4) After step 3, the liquid in both flasks is homogeneous.

(5) The condenser tube has the effect of limiting the loss of liquids in the tank.

Number of correct statements is

A. 3.

B. 5.

C. 2.

D. 4.

Answers to the Chemistry test 2021 Hanoi Department of Education and Training

Sentence Multi Sentence Multi Sentence Multi Sentence Multi Sentence Multi
forty six EASY 47 OLD 48 EASY 49 EASY 50 OLD
51 OLD 52 REMOVE 53 EASY 54 A 55 A
sixty one EASY 62 REMOVE 63 EASY sixty four A 65 EASY
66 REMOVE sixty seven EASY 68 OLD 69 OLD 70 EASY
71 OLD 72 REMOVE seventy three REMOVE 74 REMOVE 75 EASY
76 OLD 77 A 78 EASY 79 EASY 80 EASY

Above is the entire content of the exam and the answers for the exam in Chemistry 2021 in Hanoi. Wish you all a good study with the National High School mock exam 2021 in Chemistry that Read the prepared material.

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