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Recently, Cam Ba Thuoc High School in Thanh Hoa province has organized for 12th grade students in the school year 2021-2022 the first high school graduation mock exam. The national chemistry test is considered a good test. correct student capacity. With the structure following the illustrated topic of the Ministry of Education and Training, familiar question types help students practice problem solving skills.

Download and try it now with this 2022 National High School mock exam:

(Download the 2022 chemistry mock exam with this answer to your computer according to the attached file)

The 1st time Cam Ba Thuoc High School 2022 Chemistry mock exam

Question 41: In industry, which of the following metals is prepared by molten electrolysis?

A. Na.

B. Ag.

C. Cu.

D. Fe.

Question 42: Completely hydrolyzed 10.56 grams of ester X in NaOH solution, after the reaction, the salt of monocarboxylic acid and 3.84 grams of methyl alcohol is obtained. The formula for X is





Question 43: Which of the following is a fatty acid?

A. Acetic acid.

B. Propionic acid.

C. Formic acid.

D. Palmitic acid.

Question 44: Which of the following is the hardest of the metals?


B. Ag.

C. Cr.


Question 45: Metals react with water at normal temperatures

A. Ba.

B. Cu.

C. Ag.

D. Fe.

Question 46: Which of the following solutions turns red litmus blue?

A. Phenylammonium chloride.

B. Glyxin.

C. Etylamine.

D. Aniline.

Question 47: Calculating limestone at high temperature, obtained products including quicklime and CO2. Quicklime has the chemical formula

A. CaC2.

B. CaO.

C. Ca(HCO3)2.

D. Ca.

Question 48: Hydrolyzed ester X in alkaline environment, yielding sodium acetate and ethyl alcohol. The formula for X is:





Question 49: Which of the following amino acid molecules has two amino groups?

A. Glutamic acid.

B. Lysin.

C. Valin.

D. Alanine.

Question 50: Of the following polymers: (1) poly(methyl methacrylate); (2) polystyrene; (3) nylon-7; (4) poly(ethylenterepphthalate); (5) nylon-6.6; (6) poly(vinyl acetate), the polymers that are the products of the condensation reaction are:

A. (3), (4), (5).

B. (1), (3), (6).

C. (1), (3), (5).

D. (3), (4), (6).

Question 51: The product of the reaction between aluminum metal and chlorine gas is

A. Al(OH)3.

B. Al2O3.

C. AlCl3.

D. Al(NO3)3.

Question 52: The compound H2NCH(CH3)COOH is called

A. Lysin.

B. Glyxin.

C. Alanine.

D. Valin.

Question 53: All types of nitrogen fertilizers provide plants with elements:

A. nitrogen.

B. carbon.

C. phosphorus.

D. potassium.

Question 54: For mg of Al, react with excess oxygen to obtain 10.2 grams of aluminum oxide. The value of m is

A. 7.4.

B. 5.4.

C. 3.0.

D. 2.7.

Question 55: When preparing metals, metal ions act as substances

A. reduction.

B. oxidized.

C. environment.

D. is reduced.

For more information: The 1st Hanoi Specialization Pedagogical Specialization 2022 Chemistry exam

Question 56: Which of the following substances reacts with hot, concentrated H2SO4 to produce SO2 gas?

A. FeO.

B. Fe2(SO4)3.

C. Fe(OH)3.

D. Fe2O3.

Question 57: Hydrolyze 1.71 grams of sucrose with 75% yield, obtain a mixture of X. Put all the X in the excess of AgNO3 solution in NH3, heat it up, after the reactions take place completely, it is obtained. m grams Ag. The value of m is

A. 0.81.

B. 1.62.

C. 2.16.

D. 1.08.

Question 58: Air pollution can produce acid rain, which causes great harm to the environment. Which of the following gases are responsible for acid rain?

A. SO2 and NO2.

B. NH3 and HCl.

C. H2S and N2.

D. CO2 and O2.

Question 59: Which of the following pairs of substances are isomers of each other?

A. C4H4 and C2H2.

B. CH3OCH3 and C2H5OH.

C. CHECK and CH2=CH2.

D. CH4 and C2H6.

Question 60: Slowly add metal X to the FeCl3 solution, after the reaction occurs completely, a mixture of excess Fe and X metal is obtained. Which of the following metals is X?

A. Fe.

B. Cu.

C. Mg.

D. Na.

Question 61: Which of the following metals is the weakest reducing agent?

A. Mg.

B. Fe.

C. Al.

D. Ag.

Question 62: Which of the following metals is insoluble in dilute H2SO4 solution?

A. Mg.

B. Al.

C. Fe.

D. Cu.

Question 63: Which of the following substances is a polysaccharide?

A. Fructose.

B. Starch.

C. Glucose.

D. Sucrose.

Question 64: Dissolve mg of a mixture of FeO, Fe(OH)2, FeCO3 and Fe3O4 (in which Fe3O4 accounts for 20% of the total moles of the mixture) in the excess dilute HNO3 solution to obtain 8.96 liters (unit) of the mixture. CO2 and NO (the only reduction products of N+5) have a vapor density relative to H2 of 18.5. The number of moles of HNO3 reacted is:

A. 2.72.

B. 3.2.

C. 1.8.

D. 3.8.

Question 65: Which of the following polymer molecules contains elements C, H and O?

A. Poliacrilonitrin.

B. Poli(vinyl chloride).

C. Poli(methyl methacrylate).

D. Polyethylene.

Question 66: For 4.45 grams of a mixture of Mg and Zn powders, they are completely reacted with HCl solution, yielding 2.24 liters of H2 gas (equivalent). The mass of anhydrous salt obtained is .

A. 7.1 grams.

B. 7.75 grams.

C. 11.3 grams.

D. 11.55 grams.

Question 67: Give the following esters: ethyl acetate, propyl acetate, methyl propionate, methyl methacrylate. How many esters decolorize the bromine solution?

A. 1.

B. 2.

C. 3.

D. 4.

Question 68: The formula of iron(II) hydroxide is

A. FeO.

B. Fe2O3.

C. Fe(OH)2.

D. Fe(OH)3.

Question 69: In industry, aluminum is produced by electrolysis of molten Al2O3. The melting point of Al2O3 is very high (2050°C), so it is necessary to dissolve Al2O3 in criolites to lower the melting point of the mixture to 900°C. The formula of criolites is.

A. KCl.NaCl.

B. CaCO3.MgCO3.

C. Al2O3.2H2O.

D. 3NaF.AlF3.

Question 70: Perform the following experiments:

(a) Add CO2 to excess in Ba(OH)2 solution.

(b) Add CO2 to excess in a solution of NaAlO2 (or Na[Al(OH)4]).

(c) Add lime water to the NaHCO3 solution.

(d) Add NaOH solution to the excess of AlCl3 solution.

(e) Heat a solution containing Ca(HCO3)2.

(g) Add a sample of Na to the CuSO4 solution.

The number of experiments to obtain a precipitate after the reaction is

A. 6.

B. 4.

C. 5.

D. 2.

References: Chemistry test exam 2022 Kien Giang Department of Education has answers

Question 71: Give the following statements:

(1) Fructose converts to glucose in acidic or alkaline media

(2) Under normal conditions, aniline is a solid

(3) Amino acids are colorless, crystalline solids with a sweet taste

(4) Put a few drops of lemon juice in a cup of cow’s milk and see a precipitate

(5) Under the right conditions, triolein participates in the H2 . addition reaction

(6) 1 mol Gly-Ala-Glu reacts maximally with 3 mol NaOH

(7) Complete oxidation of glucose with hydrogen (catalyst Ni, t°) yields sobitol

(8) Hexapeptide X is saturated, open chain has 13 C atoms in the molecule, then X will have 6 bridge isomers.

(9) In nature, organic compounds are all complex compounds.

(10) Nylon-6.6 silk belongs to the type of synthetic silk.

Number of correct statements is

A. 6.

B. 7.

C. 5.

D. 4.

Question 72: Mixture X consists of a saturated ester, an open-chain monofunctional and 2 saturated, open-chain amines, in which there is 1 monofunctional amine and 1 bifunctional amine (two amines have the same number of moles). Complete combustion of 11.04 grams of X requires 0.6 moles of oxygen, yielding CO2, H2O and 0.06 moles of N2. On the other hand, 16.56 grams of X reacts with excess HCl solution, yielding a gram of salt. What is the value of a

A. 8.02.

B. 8.08.

C. 12.29.

D. 12.03.

Question 73: X, Y, Z are 3 esters that are all open-chain and do not contain other functional groups (in which X, Y are all monofunctional, Z is double-functional). Heating 19.28 grams of mixture E containing X, Y, Z with enough NaOH solution to obtain F containing only 2 salts with a molar ratio of 1: 1 and a mixture of 2 alcohols equally saturated, with the same number of carbon atoms . Lead the entire mixture of these 2 alcohols through the container of excess Na, and the mass of the flask increases by 8.1 grams. Full combustion of F yields CO2, 0.39 mol H2O and 0.13 mol Na2CO3. The mass percent of the low-molecular-weight ester in E is:

A. 5.29%.

B. 8.96%.

C. 3.84%.

D. 90.87%.

Question 74: Heat a mixture of ethylene glycol and an open-chain carboxylic acid (X) in the presence of concentrated H2SO4 as a catalyst, yielding organic products, including open-chain organic matter (Y). Complete combustion of 24.0 grams of Y requires 0.825 moles of O2, yielding CO2 and H2O with a molar ratio of 3: 2, respectively. Knowing (Y) has the same molecular formula as the simplest one. Give the following comments:

(1) (X) reacts with H2 (catalyst Ni, t°) in a molar ratio 1: 2.

(2) In (Y) there is a group -CH3.

(3) Substance (Y) has the molecular formula C6H8O4.

(4) Substance (Y) has two satisfying isomers.

(5) Let a mole (Y) react with excess Na to obtain a mole of H2.

The number of incorrect statements is

A. 5.

B. 3.

C. 2.

D. 4.

Question 75: Mixture X consists of glucose and sucrose. Mixture Y consists of glycine and glutamic acid. Completely burning 0.2 mol of mixture Z containing X, Y requires 0.99 mol O2, combustion products include CO2, H2O, N2; where the number of moles of CO2 is equal to the number of moles of H2O. Lead the entire combustion product through the container containing the excess Ca(OH)2 solution, obtaining a solution with a reduced mass of 36.48 grams. If 51.66 grams of Z are added to an excess dilute HCl solution, heat a solution of T containing m grams of organic compounds. What is the value of m?

A. 53,655 grams.

B. 59,325 grams.

C. 60.125 grams.

D. 59,955 grams.

Question 76: Electrolysis with an inert electrode solution containing 0.2 mole of Cu(NO3)2, amperage of 2.68A, in time t (hour), obtain solution X. Give 14.4 grams of powder Fe enters X, yielding NO gas (the only reduction product of N+5) and 13.5 grams of solid. Know the reactions take place completely and the efficiency of electrolysis is 100%. The value of t is

A. 1.00.

B. 0.25.

C. 0.60.

D. 1.20.

Question 77: Cracking 6.72 liters of C4H10 (dktc) for a while, a mixture of X consisting of 5 hydrocarbons is obtained. Let X pass through the excess Br2 solution, see that the amount of Br2 flask increases to 8.4 grams and Y gas flies out of the flask. Complete combustion of Y requires V liters of O2 (dktc). What is the value of V?

A. 43.68.

B. 26.64.

C. 23.52.

D. 8.96.

Question 78: Completely saponify mg of mixture E consisting of triglycerides with NaOH solution, obtaining glycerol and mixture X consisting of three salts C17HxCOONa, C15H31COONa, C17HyCOONa with the corresponding molar ratio of 3:4:5. otherwise, complete hydrogenation of mg of E yields 68.96 grams of mixture Y. If mg of E is completely burned, 6.09 mol of O2 is needed. The value of m is

A. 60.32.

B. 60.84.

C. 68.20.

D. 68.36.

Question 79: Carry out the reaction to prepare isoamyl acetate (banana oil) according to the following sequence:

– Step 1: Put 2 ml of isoamylic alcohol, 2 ml of pure acetic acid and 2 drops of concentrated sulfuric acid into a dry test tube.

– Step 2: Shake well, heat the mixture for 8-10 minutes in a pot of boiling water.

– Step 3: Let it cool, then pour the product mixture into a test tube containing 3-4 ml of cold water.

Which of the following statements is correct?

A. From the mixture obtained after step 3, separate isoamyl acetate by extraction method.

B. After step 3, the resulting mixture is separated into 3 layers.

C. The esterification reaction between isoamylic alcohol and acetic acid is a one-way reaction.

D. The addition of the product mixture to cold water in step 3 avoids hydrolysis of isoamyl acetate.

Question 80: Dissolve 17.32 grams of mixture X including Mg, Fe3O4 and Fe(NO3)2 need to fit the mixed solution of 1.04 mol HCl and 0.08 mol HNO3, gently heat to obtain solution Y and 2.24 liters of gas mixture Z (dktc) has a vapor density for H2 of 10.8, consisting of two colorless gases including one that turns brown in the air. Let solution Y react with a sufficient amount of AgNO3 solution to obtain mg of precipitate and T solution. Let solution T react with an excess of NaOH solution, filter the precipitate and heat until constant mass is obtained. 20.8 grams of solid. The reaction occurs completely. The value of m is

A. 150.32.

B. 151.40.

C. 152.48.

D. 153.56.

Answers to the 1st time of Cam Ba Thuoc High School’s 2022 Chemistry test

Sentence Multi Sentence Multi Sentence Multi Sentence Multi
41 A 51 OLD sixty one EASY 71 OLD
42 EASY 52 OLD 62 EASY 72 EASY
43 EASY 53 A 63 REMOVE seventy three OLD
44 OLD 54 REMOVE sixty four A 74 EASY
45 A 55 EASY 65 OLD 75 EASY
forty six OLD 56 A 66 EASY 76 A
47 REMOVE 57 REMOVE sixty seven A 77 OLD
48 A 58 A 68 OLD 78 OLD
50 A 60 OLD 70 OLD 80 A


Hopefully, with the latest updated national chemistry test samples 2022, it will help grade 12 students to review well. Don’t forget to check out more Chemistry 2022 mock exams from other provinces across the country that have been updated continuously

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