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Study Good synthesizes and shares the 2020 National High School Practice Exam for CDD 4 with answers built by the teachers of the civics department close to the knowledge they have learned, close to the question structure of previous years. Students also refer to the National High School mock exam 2020 in the subject of GDCD.

Practice Exam

Question 1. The person is well aware that his/her behavior is dangerous to society and wants the consequences of that behavior to happen. The law is called A. intentionally commit a crime.B. desire to commit a crime. C. commit crimes.D. determined to commit a crime.

Question 2. Law enforcement is understood as citizens fulfilling their obligations and actively doing what the law saysA. regulations should do.B. not banned.C. rules to do.D. allowed to do.

Question 3. According to the law, husband and wife create conditions for each other to develop in all aspects, which is to show equal rights in the relationship A. In labor.B. ID. C. Property.D. Economy.

Question 4. Which of the following acts infringes upon the life, health, honor and dignity of citizens? A. When children make mistakes, parents criticize.B. Control and arrest the thief.C. Arresting people according to court decisions.

D. Hitting a person causes injury.

Question 5. The right to participate in the management of the State and society is a fundamental democratic right of citizens in the field of A. politics. B. economic.C. cultural. D. social.

Question 6. No one is allowed to arbitrarily enter another person’s residence without the consent of that person, except for case A. police permit.B. there are witnesses.C. permitted by law.D. the village head allows.

Question 7. The purpose of the contest “Scientific and technical research” is to promote the right to A. Learning.B. Creation. C. Development.D. Equality.

Question 8. Police arresting people in the following cases does not violate the inviolability of citizens’ body? A. Two students cause disorder in the classroom. B. Two neighbors shouting at each other.C. Spreading news, fabricating to slander others. D. A person is breaking a lock to steal a motorbike.

Verse 9.

The economic development strategy goes hand in hand with social justice, demonstrating the state’s interest in the field of A. socio-economic. B. cultural education. C. employment income. D. national defense and security.

Question 10. In what relationship is equality between husband and wife shown? A. Property and possession.B. Personal and property.C. Civil and social.D. Personality and labor.

Question 11. Which of the following agencies does not have the authority to order the arrest of the accused or defendants for temporary detention? A. People’s Procuracy at all levels. B. Investigation agencies at all levels.C. People’s Courts at all levels.D. People’s Committee.

Question 12. Mr. A and Ms. B joined X company at the same time. Mr. A is paid more than Ms. B. In this case, based on what criteria does the director of the company? A. Gender.B. Ethnicity C. Family origin.

D. Professional qualifications.

Question 13. In order to exercise their right to study, which of the following educational systems can citizens study? A. Formal or continuing education system. B. Formal or informal system.C. Learning system and labor system. D. Public or non-public system.

Question 14. In which of the following cases does anyone have the right to arrest people? A. The wanted person.B. Very serious offender.C. First-time offender.D. The person preparing to steal.

Question 15. Citizens have the right to be encouraged to foster to develop A. Skills. B. Intelligence. C. Thinking.D. Talent.

Question 16. In circulation, the law of value requires the exchange of goods to be based on the principle A. equalityB. parity C. mutual benefitD. mutual respect

Verse 17

. In addition to self-nomination, the citizen’s right to stand for election is also exercised by which of the following ways? A. Self-voting. B. Appointed. C. Introduced. D. Nominated.

Question 18. Sister A sells coffee to buy school supplies for her children. In this case, which of the following functions does money perform? A. Value measure.B. Vehicles.C. Storage media.D. Payment means.

Question 19. In the commodity economy, when the supply is smaller than the demand, the market price is higher than the value in production, which is a manifestation of the content of the relationshipA. supply and demand influence each other.B. Price affects tastes.C. Supply and demand affect prices.D. Prices affect supply and demand.

Question 20. In the production process, which of the following factors does not include the means of labor? A. The subject of labor.B. Production tools.C. Infrastructure.

D. Tank system.

Question 21. The increase in quantity, quality and factors of the production process that produces it is called A. economic development.B. economic increase. C. economic growth.D. economic stability.

Question 22. The law of value regulates the production and circulation of goods through A. the value of the goods. B. use of goods.C. exchange value.D. prices in the market.

Question 23. The volume of goods and services that consumers need to buy in a certain period, corresponding to the price level, production capacity and production costs determined.A. bow.B bridge. C. price.D. value.

Question 24. What is the economic competition between subjects in order to win favorable conditions in the production and consumption of goods called? A. Value.B. Law of Value.C. Competition.D. Market.

Question 25

. The adjudication of cases regardless of who he is, what position he holds, is an expression of equal citizenship in terms of A. rights in business. B. Liability. C. obligations in business. D. legal obligations.

Question 26. Which of the following rights of citizens is the right of citizens to have access to rich, useful information and entertainment? A. Right to study.B. Creative rights. C. Development rights.D. Right to participate.

Question 27. Citizens recommending to state agencies on socio-economic construction and development is to express their rightsA. participate in nation building. B. participate in state and social management.C. democratic freedom. D. freedom of speech.

Question 28. Which of the following agencies does not have the authority to order the arrest of the accused or defendants for temporary detention? A. People’s Procuracy at all levels.

B. Investigation agencies at all levels. C. People’s Courts at all levels. D. People’s Committee.

Question 29. Husband and wife have equal rights and obligations in choosing a place of residence. A. in personal relationship.B. in property relations.C. in the employment relationship.D. in housing relations.

Question 30. Citizens can study in many different ways. Studying in different types and schools is an expression of the right A. Unlimited learning.B. Study anywhere.C. Regular, lifelong learning.D. Equal learning opportunities.

Question 31. When you receive a disciplinary decision signed by the vice principal of your school that you think is incorrect, who will you send a complaint to in accordance with the law? A. School Principal.B. Director of the Department of Education and Training.C. Minister of Education and Training.D. The People’s Court.

Verse 32

. Worker B was 10 minutes late to work, so the security guard of factory X didn’t let him in. Sorry, he couldn’t, worker B had insults to the guard, so the two sides shouted and insulted each other. Too angry at the worker B broke through the gate and attacked the guard who had to go to the emergency room. Worker B and the guard violate which of the following rights of citizens? A. To be protected by law on honor and dignity. B. Inviolability of private life. C. Being protected by law in terms of life and health. D. Physical inviolability.

Question 33. On the way home from school, An saw a person drowning. But An thought it was none of his business, so he didn’t help and left. Afternoon An heard that the man died. According to the law, what is An’s responsibility? A. administrative.B. criminal.C civil law.D. ethical standards.

Question 34. Mr. B is an officer with higher professional qualifications than Mr. C, so he is arranged to work with a higher salary than Mr. C. However, between Mr. B and Mr. C are still equal. Which of the following is equality?

A. In labor. B. In job search. C. In the exercise of labor rights. D. In receiving wages.

Question 35. Company X regularly invites experts to advise on how to choose safe food for employees to exercise the right to develop citizens in which of the following? A. Freedom to develop talent.B. Promote product quality.C. Using communication services.D. Get health care.

Question 36. Y ceramic tile manufacturing company did not apply environmental protection measures, so the environmental police made a record of administrative violations. The sanctioning behavior of the environmental police is a manifestation of which of the following forms of law enforcement? A. Law enforcement.B. Law enforcement.C. Apply the law.D. Use the law.

Question 37. Due to a conflict on Facebook, A and M make an appointment to meet C and H to reconcile. Knowing this, A’s brother asked N to block the way to fight with H and C. Because of being chased and beaten, C stabbed N with a knife and was seriously injured. Which of the following is not criminally responsible?

A. Brother A, N, M, C, HB Brother A, C, M, AC Brother A, C, H, ND Brother A, M, N, H, A.

Question 38. Because he did not control the speed when driving a motorbike, Mr. K collided with Mr. L who was carrying him on an electric bicycle going in the opposite direction, causing him and his grandson to fall. Mr. X, a lottery ticket seller nearby, saw that Mr. K did not apologize to Mr. L, but shouted loudly, and immediately rushed to beat Mr. K seriously. Two sisters H and P passed by and stopped to dissuade the two, but could not, so they called the traffic police to handle it. Which of the following is administratively responsible?A. Mr. X, Ms. H and Ms. PB Mr. L and Mr. XC Mr. K and Mr. XD Mr. K and Mr. L.

Question 39. Mr. A and Ms. B jointly submit the application for registration of business in modern medicines. Because he promised to help Ms. B, Mr. H led the authorities to request Ms. P, his subordinate staff, to destroy Mr. A’s application. Seeing that Ms. B was licensed despite lacking a professional degree while her profile was sufficient, The case was still rejected, Mr. A hired Mr. T to spread rumors that Ms. B regularly distributes quality products. Who below violates the content of equal rights in business?

A. Mr. H and Ms. BB Mr. H, Ms. P, Ms. B and Mr. TC Mr. H, Ms. B and Ms. PD Mr. H, Mr. A and Ms. P.

Question 40. At polling station X, accidentally seeing that Ms. C chose a candidate who was in conflict with her, Ms. B asked Mr. D, Ms. C’s lover, to convince her to cross out that person’s name. Discovering that Ms. C gave her vote to Mr. D to correct it, Ms. N reported it to Mr. K, the leader of the election team. Because he was writing ballots for Mr. P, who was illiterate in his opinion, and wanted to quickly finish the election, Mr. K ignored this matter. Which of the following does not violate the principle of secret ballot in the election? A. Ms. N, Mrs. P and Ms. CB Ms. N and Ms. PC Ms. N, Mr. K, Mr. P and Ms. CD Ms. N, Mr. K and Mr. P.


first A
5 A
9 A
twelfth EASY
13 A
14 A
17 OLD
19 OLD
20 A
21 OLD
24 OLD
26 OLD
29 A
30 OLD
thirty first A
32 OLD
34 OLD
36 OLD
37 EASY Because according to the law, citizens who infringe on other people’s lives are criminally responsible
38 EASY Answer D is reasonable. Because a, b, c are not related to the question posed
39 A Answer a is correct because H violates the right to equality in business
40 REMOVE Answers a, cd are not related to the question posed, so answer a b is the correct choice

With the detailed content and answers for the 2020 National High School mock exam for the subject of GDCD No. 4 above, you must have gained new knowledge and skills for this subject. In addition to GDCD, Doc Good also has a 2020 national high school mock exam for other subjects to help students in grade 12 prepare comprehensively. Good luck with your studies every day.

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