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Topic: Tell me about a good thing you did


Outline Tell me about a good thing you did

I. Introduction:

+ Introduce the good work you have done.

+ What was the result of what I did?

II. Post body:

What good deed did you do?

When and where do you do the work?

+ How many people or just you?

+ Did anyone else see it?

+ What is the mood of the person you help?

+ Are you happy doing that job?

+ Give your thoughts after completing the work.

III. Conclusion: Close the problem and give your future actions.


Tell me about a good deed you did – sample 1

Next week we launch the campaign: Green environment, for students to clean the area near the school. Everyone is excited because they will be cleaning and beautifying the campus and neighborhood together with everyone.

This will be an interesting experience!- I thought. And that day has also come after we have fully prepared the force to clean the neighborhood. After listening to the teacher’s assignment, we rushed out each one engrossed in their work. Me and some other friends received the task of cleaning a ditch in the street. The ditch is small but the water has been heavily polluted, garbage floating on the water surface and stinks.

I was a bit embarrassed at first because of that scene, and it was also my first time doing this. However, without long delay, the image of a clean, green city appeared in my mind, prompting me to start working with everyone. We each hold a long stick with one foot and one hand to pick up garbage from the ditch and put it in the public trash can. Soon the ditch surface is cleaner and clearer, and the water is not stagnant because of the garbage. .


We also picked up trash and weeded grass on the banks of the ditch. When the ditch has been cleared, I run out to help other friends plant more trees, or take care of tree pots and flower beds on the street. Finished work, looking back at the clean and beautiful streets, all the fatigue disappears.

I feel happy and proud because I have done a good job. Although this is only a small neighborhood, small actions, but if it is multiplied, appearing more green and clean neighborhoods, the environment will be protected, a desirable life will be opened, no need to worry. pollution and disease.

Tell me about a good deed you did – sample 2

Since yesterday until now, my mother has always complimented me because I have done a good job to make her happy. That’s when I led an old woman across the street when the street was crowded and the sun was shining.

That day, my mother and I went to the supermarket, she carried a lot of things. I help my mother carry a bag of vegetables and two breads. She wears a wide-brimmed hat to protect herself from the sun, and her mother wears a hat that is yellow like the sun. When my mother and I went to the crossroads, we saw an old woman carrying a heavy bag, her eyes narrowed, looking at the flow of people passing by. It seems that the old woman is trying to go to the other side of the street but has not yet reached the red light. She is about 80 years old, because her hair is all gray, I think I don’t know where her children are but let her go alone on the street like that.


I told my mother and wanted to run over and help her cross the street. Mom looked at me and smiled and patted my head telling me to be good and help others. Mom took the bag from my hand and told me to help her cross the street carefully. I ran up to her and said:

Grandma, I’ll help you cross the road

Her eyes suddenly lit up and she smiled at me.

You are so good, thank you so much

At that time I held her hand, rough and dark like my grandmother’s. I guide her carefully when the red light stops. When she crossed the street, she asked her name and which school she attended. She praised me for being a good boy, a good person who knows how to help others. Grandma gave me two very large pears, soft yellow. She thanked me and left me there. Ever since then, my mother has been standing from afar and looking at me.

That day, when my mother came home, she showed it to her father, and she bought me two cool mint lemon ice creams. I’m glad I did such a good job. I will try to improve more.


Tell me about a good deed you did – sample 3

In everyday life, sometimes giving is also a return. When you do something good for others, you will also feel happy yourself. That is the lesson I learned from the story I will tell next.

The road from my house to school is not very far, so since I was in middle school, my parents have let me ride my bike to school. Every day, when I pass the route near the school gate, I still see an old woman selling some small sundries such as fans, nail clippers, key chains or masks. I went to school to go to school and then hurriedly cycled back home to play football with my neighbors, so I never stopped in front of Grandma’s load.

One day, my bike suddenly broke down, so I had to take it home. When driving the car slowly, it passed the place where she used to sit, so I could see her face clearly. She must have been old, her face had many wrinkles, her eyes seemed to have something sad. I don’t know why I just stood there dumbfounded looking at her every action and look.

Perhaps because her kind gaze suddenly reminded me of my beloved grandmother. Because it was almost dark, the car broke down and I didn’t have money to buy some things for my grandmother, so I had to leave. Don’t know if she has relatives? Why is the old woman so weak and still struggling to make a living on the street on such hot summer days?

The next morning, I cycled to the roof of my beloved school like every other day, but today I suddenly turned my eyes to the side of the road where the old woman used to sit. She was still sitting there as usual. After school, I stopped the car and walked over to where she was sitting. Even though I knew I couldn’t buy her anything, I still sat down to ask and talk to her. She sat and talked to me about her family as if I were someone she had known for a long time.

Maybe it’s been a long time since she had anyone to talk to for company. When I heard about it, her husband died a long time ago, her son just died in an accident, her family still has a daughter-in-law and a grandson the same age as me. She went to sell goods to earn a little extra money to help her daughter-in-law in living. I sat listening and tears welled up, I could only hold her wrinkled hands tightly. I can only ask more:

So what did you eat this morning? Is she hungry?

She replied in a slow voice:

She ate a loaf of bread in the morning. She is not hungry.

I love her so much even though I don’t know how to help her. That night, I kept tossing and turning, unable to sleep, The figure of the old lady selling the street in the afternoon kept coming to my mind. It suddenly occurred to me that I would bring extra lunch for the old lady so she wouldn’t have to eat bread through the meal. The next morning, my younger sister told her everything and told her intentions. My mother is very happy and supports my work. Mom has prepared for me two lunch boxes, one for me and one for the old lady. I excitedly rode my bicycle to school, and when I got there, I immediately ran out to give her a lunch box:

Grandma, this afternoon, please take the rice in this box to eat. My mother’s cooking is very good. Don’t eat bread anymore.

At first, she refused to accept it because she thought I was starving to give her rice. I just said and explained, so she accepted. She took my hand and said:

Thank you very much! She will eat well!

Since that day, every day I go to school, I bring rice to my grandmother. Seeing her radiant face makes me feel so happy, I feel like I can release some discomfort in my heart. When I help her with something, I also receive her happiness.

Tell me about a good deed you did – sample 4

This afternoon, on the way home from school, I kept repeating the song “Living in life, needing a heart” while walking. Because that song seems to be merging with my soul. The soul of a little girl who has just done a good deed to help others.

The thing is, this morning, I went to school earlier than usual. When I was sitting on the stone bench leisurely eating breakfast and looking at the school, I saw in the corner of the schoolyard, a janitor was alone cleaning the toilet alone. The school yard is large, there are many dry leaves, but only the uncle cleans it. Seeing that, I immediately ate the last piece of cake and rushed to help him. After I asked him to help sweep the yard, he refused:

– Go to class, I would like to accept your heart. But if you help me like this, you will get all your white clothes dirty.

Hearing that, I immediately replied:

– Please let me help you. I sweep all the dry leaves in this yard so that you can quickly collect them in your bag. I do it very carefully, don’t put it on the white shirt, bro.

Seeing my pleading expression, she finally agreed. So two uncles and nieces, one big and one small, kept fidgeting on the schoolyard. Just a moment later, the school yard was clean and tidy again, the dried leaves were neatly placed in the garbage bags. While working, you and I just talked. Thanks to that, I understand more about the hardships of labor. And it makes me love you even more.

When he left, he looked at me tenderly and thanked me three times. Made me very happy. All the fatigue from earlier seemed to have disappeared. There is only endless joy left in me. At the same time, the school yard gradually became more noisy, bustling, because the students came to school. I also rushed to the classroom, to prepare for the upcoming class.

During class that day, I always felt like I had twice as much energy as usual. That source of energy was created from the sincere thanks of the janitor. And made from a heart that is happy for doing a good deed of yours.

Tell me about a good deed you did – sample 5

In this life, there are many difficult and unhappy situations, so, if possible, we should help those who need help. I myself once helped an old woman in difficulty, I felt very happy about it.

That day, as usual, at 11:20 a.m. we finished school, on the way home, I met an old lady sitting under a tree by the roadside, looking old and very pale. The old man’s face was very tired, he was leaning against the wall looking very pitiful. I approached him and asked him:

– How are you doing? Do you need any help?

The old man looked up at me tiredly and replied:

– He was on his way to his son’s house but unfortunately suffered from heatstroke, felt too dizzy, so he sat here temporarily to rest a bit.

Seeing that, I immediately took out a bottle of water from my bag and invited him to drink. After drinking water, she seemed a little more alert. Suddenly, I suddenly remembered that I had a bottle of wind oil in my bag that my mother kept in case I had a headache or stomachache at school, I took it out, applied it to my temples and massaged it. I also took out a notebook to fan him, after a while, he seemed to be better, he thanked me and praised me for being a good girl. At that time, an uncle riding a motorbike passed by, and when he saw this, he said:

– Do you two want to hitchhike? If it’s the same way, I’ll give you a ride.

When I asked him, he learned that his son’s family was on the same road as him, so I told him:

– Uncle, please give him a lift to his son’s house!

Grandpa smiled very happily and thanked me and uncle. After saying goodbye to my uncle and aunt, I continued to go home, very happy in my heart that I had done a good deed.

When I got home, my parents were standing at the door with very worried and angry faces, I suddenly remembered that it was very late now compared to my usual home time. My mother asked:

– Where have you been loitering, but now you’re home?

I happily told my parents about how I helped the old woman, and my parents were very happy and said:

– I’m sorry for blaming you, you did a very good job, we are very proud of you.

After talking, my whole family went to eat, in my heart I was still very happy because I had done a good deed.

Helping others is not only the person being helped feel happy, but the helper himself is also extremely happy. Let’s live sharing and caring for others because helping others is a way to raise our souls more beautiful.

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