Những câu chúc tết hay ngắn gọn

New Year’s Eve is coming, spring is indispensable without unique and meaningful wishes. These are not only New Year wishes, but also invaluable gifts for loved ones. Therefore, good, short but equally flying New Year wishes will be the perfect choice for those who want to send love to those around them. Here are a few good New Year wishes.

  1. Lucky fortune, yellow apricot, happy spring. Happy life, health, happy Tet.
  2. Happy New Year my dear grandparents! I wish you to always be happy and healthy like this. I love my grandparents very much.
  3. My family is my most precious asset. We may not be rich, but we are happy because we love each other. Hope this new year, God will continue to bless your family. I love my parents!
  4. Wishing everyone continued success to have a successful new year
  5. Wish you a good bowl. Wishing you and your uncle a cup of peace. Wish you a plate of fortune! Success, success, and glory.
  6. Happy full house year more rich – Germany overflowing, more and more glorious day by day.
  7. Happy New Year, good health. Money is abundantly comfortable to spend. Happy family dear friends. Peace of mind every afternoon. Happy New Year!
  8. Happy New Year, Peace and Prosperity – Spring, Nhat, Hoa, Phu, Quy Lai.
  9. At the beginning of the new year, I wish Binh An; Wish you always Happy Youth and An Khang; Wishing you a new year with lots of fortune; Congratulation to Vinh Quang.

At the beginning of the new year, I wish you peace. Wish you always young and wish An Khang

  1. Wishing you a very happy spring, favorable fame and great strides in your career.
  2. May the joys of the New Year last forever in your life. Maybe you will find the light that will lead you to the success, the goal you desire. Happy new year.
  3. Spring comes with hope: Warmly everyone, Best wishes to grandparents, Long live a hundred years.
  4. Happy New Year to spring, I wish everyone a successful new year, good luck, favorable work, long promotion.
  5. Happy New Year! Happiness in love, happiness in work and happiness in health.
  6. Respectfully invite each other a cup of warm wine. Happy New Year, Goodbye. Happy New Year’s Eve The new spring of talent begins to satisfy. All worries changed. What is the deadlock all happy. Like you, like you, with friends. The will, good conditions, good wishes.
  7. Wish you a happy new year, have a happy new year.
  8. Wishing Tet to a hundred things like that. Happy spring to all success.
  9. When the New Year comes to spring, I wish you and your family good fortune, everything goes well, family peace and happiness.
  10. Five years of spring like that. Age and age of peace.
  11. Happy New Year, Wishing you a year of prosperity and good fortune. Successful and sustainable career development.
  12. Happy new year. Wishing a year full of luck, happiness, success, good health to everyone.
  13. Wishing a year of spring, prosperity and fortune. Everything is smooth sailing.
  14. Villages and communes, up and down the east and west, far and near here, perk up their ears to wish: New year prosperity, many blessings, many charms, a lot of money in the pocket, a happy soul.
  15. Happy New Year: One wife, Two children, Three floors, Four cakes.
  16. New Year’s Eve is coming – Bringing luck into the house – Immense gifts – Every house is full – Gold and silver are full of cabinets – Homeowners get rich – Young and old – Happy gathering – Praying for blessings – Loc comes all year round – Prosperity.
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New Year's New Year comes - Bringing luck into the house - Immense gifts - Everyone is full

  1. Wishing the new year to bring luck into the house, fortune is full, the owner is prosperous, children are reunited and happy.
  2. Close to full happiness. Package for full fortune. Keep forever An Khang. Tighten Phu Quy. Let’s wish each other Happy, Happy Happy New Year, Happy New Year Binh An. The whole family is prosperous.
  3. Happy New Year, good health, favorable work, long-term promotion, great strides, progress to success.
  4. The old year has passed, the new year has come. Wishing the family peace and harmony, long life, good luck to bad luck, unanimously overcome difficulties.
  5. Happy New Year wishes everyone good fortune, fortune, and glory. Everything is as it should be, business thrives.
  6. Wishing everyone a new year, billions of dollars in money, money leaking out, smiling faces, everything is as it is, happy, happy!
  7. The cold of winter will be ironic… Mother and daughter wish you a spring full of, as you wish, always happy.
  8. Wishing New Year to a hundred wishes – Happy Spring to all things success.
  9. Phuc brings the ceremony to the prosperous house. Revealing the glory of spring flowers and wealth.
  10. Wishing the new year eternal blessings. Wishing you and your family peace. The new year is rich and rich. Spring is coming to the wall of peace and prosperity.
  11. Thousands of smiles on the lips, thousands of luck bloom in life.
  12. New Year wishes everyone. Peace is full of love. Warm happy people. She is still suffering, sad, and lonely. Single soon have pink love. I love you, I wish you forever. Best wishes to everyone. Happy and successful New Year.
  13. Happy New Year, many blessings, many talents, many riches. Winning time, winning, winning people’s hearts.
  14. At the beginning of the new year, I wish you all a new year of success and new successes. Wish you a successful career, unique code of success.
  15. Wishing you a healthy sky, a sea of ​​love, an ocean of friendship, a chorus of love, a faithful lover, a brilliant career, a prosperous family. – Wishing your whole family all the best, Wishing you a dream, Million million surprises, Don’t wait to come!
  16. Wishing the new year a leisurely letter. Congratulations to the family for peace. New years bring happiness. Sring comes, fullfill happiness.

Wishing the new year a leisurely word

  1. A toast to the happy year that has passed. Raise a toast for a prosperous new year.
  2. God of fortune walks around every house, Full of money, happy spring. Everyone gathers to celebrate the new year.
  3. The New Year is coming, wish everyone a peaceful, successful and healthy year.
  4. Tet to tons of wealth. Spring is auspicious. Happy family. All things auspicious! New year is coming. Wish you dear. Career forward. Meet a lot of bad luck. Lots of luck.
  5. Happy new year. Wishing you a year of good fortune and prosperity.
  6. The old year has passed and the new year has returned. Wishing you and your family peace, long life, good luck and bad luck, and unanimously overcome difficulties.
  7. Happy New Year with a bright name, good luck everywhere, coming back to you.
  8. Wishing you all the best for Tet. Happy spring to all success.
  9. The former general welcomes the new – All things auspicious – The whole family is happy.
  10. You are the wings to support me when I am disappointed and bored. You trust me so much that I don’t want to upset you. Thank you mom for always being there and supporting me unconditionally. Happy New Year Mom!
  11. Happy new year, happy birthday, family prosperity, money, prosperity and spring.
  12. Wishing everyone as beautiful as roses. Succeeding like Chrysanthemum. Happy as apricot blossom. Fortune like fireworks. As unique as orchids. Peace like a Hue flower. Wisdom is like a lotus flower.
  13. Wishing you a very happy spring, favorable fame and great strides in your career.
  14. New Year wishes, Boundless health, Continuous success, Eternal happiness, Always full of money, Happy as a fairy. Happy New Year!
  15. Wishing everyone a new year full of joy and happiness: Happy in health, young in soul, wise in ideals and mature in all areas.
  16. Happy new year, prosperity and fortune / Money is in flux, money is coming out slowly / Health is abundant, fame is coming / Love is exposed, happiness is sublimated / Wish everyone, a GREAT year!
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Happy New Year, prosperity and fortune Money comes rushing in, money comes out slowly

  1. Wishing you a happy new year, good health, long-term promotion and good work, and great progress towards success.
  2. A greeting wishing you a good day. A message to wish you success. A warm wish to you. A smile to overcome it all. A will to smash hardships and worries.
  3. A new year full of joy and happiness.
  4. Happy New Year – Success and fame, Young forever not old, Long lasting happiness, Tan fortune and fortune.
  5. Happy Spring – Peaceful song – Happy New Year – All things go well – Young and old – Full of laughter – Bright faces – Full of happiness – Spring comes to hope – Warmth to everyone – Wishing grandparents – Long live a hundred years old – Wishing parents – Good health – Couples love each other – More warmth – Little children – Study well and work hard – Happy New Year everyone – Happy New Year – Have a lot of fun.
  6. Wishing Tet to a hundred things like that. Happy spring to all success.
  7. Happy full house year more rich. Germany is overflowing, more and more glorious day by day.
  8. Happy New Year, boundless health, constant success, eternal happiness, always full of money, happy as a fairy. In the new year, there will be fortune and fortune, salary distribution, bonus numbers, number of benefits.
  9. Wealth comes in, peace comes ten thousand times, tons of happiness comes ten thousand times.
  10. 1 new year, 1 new year, many new friends, many new insights and 1 wish Happy forever with family and loved ones.
  11. Wishing you and your parents good health. The couple loves each other more and more warmly.
  12. Spring is here, welcome to the new year. Wishing everyone warmth, happiness, peace and many blessings.
  13. Let’s open the door to welcome spring, and wish the new year as you wish. May peace come to everyone.
  14. May everyone be as healthy as a tiger, live as long as a turtle, as sharp as an eagle, as agile as a rabbit, as cunning as a fox, and eat as much as a pig.
  15. At the end of the new year, I wish everyone a lot of health, a happy smile, strong money, everything goes smoothly, to live a really beautiful life.
  16. Wishing everyone a new year full of joy and happiness: Happy in health, Young in soul, Wise in ideals and mature in all areas.

Wishing everyone a happy new year full of joy and happiness

  1. This spring is better than the previous ones. Blessings bring each other to each house. A few new year greetings. Thousands of thousands of healthy wellbeing.
  2. Wishing you 12 months of wealth, 365 days of prosperity, 8760 hours of prosperity, 525600 minutes of success, 31536000 seconds of everything you want.
  3. Happy New Year – Wishing Grandpa and Grandma – Wishing Dad and Mom – Wishing you and Uncle – Wishing Uncle and Aunt – Wishing you and yours – Wishing you all – Wishing you all – Good health – Have a lot of fun – Heavy coins – Paper money full of bags – Going to eat well – Going home to the procession – Money comes in like water – Love fills the heart – Warm blankets and soft mattress – Joy at night – Happiness during the day – Always good luck – Full of happiness.
  4. A new year has come, a new year of exile, wish my friends always be as beautiful and radiant as spring.
  5. Wishing everyone as happy as a Sparrow, as healthy as an Eagle, as rich as a Phoenix, as a hard worker as a Worm, as long as an Ostrich.
  6. The old year has passed, entering the new year, today I come to wish my grandparents: Long life, health, forever young and not old, love and harmony, a prosperous home, happiness and well-being.
  7. Happy new year. Thousand things like dreams, Thousand things like dreams, Millions of surprises, Billions of times luck.
  8. The new year is the time to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year. It’s time to forget painful memories and keep beautiful, memorable and memorable memories of me having you by my side. I wish you a happy new year, always beautiful and radiant.
  9. Prosperity, prosperity, health and happiness.
  10. Wishing you a new year full of health, success and prosperity.
  11. Happy new year. Wishing you 365 days of happiness, 52 weeks of happiness, 12 months of happiness, 8,760 hours of comfort, 52,600 minutes of luck and a happy and prosperous new year – prosperity and fortune.
  12. Every year is a blooming season, every year is a bountiful season. Life is like a growing tree. Wishing you a Happy New Year.
  13. Happy New Year, full of joy and happiness. Wish the best to everyone.
  14. Happy New Year, peace and prosperity, spring days of glory and prosperity.
  15. New Year’s Eve has just come – Going to the alley to welcome spring – Wishing you far and near – A healthy year – Wishing your children – Study hard – Wealth is overflowing – Happiness, abundance.
  16. Happy spring, wish you all a new year full of new life, new joys, a year full of happiness and love.
  17. Wishing you all a very happy new year, receive love and success soon!
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Here are some good, short New Year wishes to share with you. Hope you will have the best and most meaningful New Year wishes to send to everyone on the occasion of the new year. Do not forget to share the article to everyone to have a happy and happy Tet.

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