Tổng hợp list địa chỉ xem bói tại Sài Gòn kèm số điện thoại

Join Trường THPT Nguyễn Chí Thanh to immediately refer to the list of reputable fortune telling addresses in Saigon that are known by many people. These are also addresses frequented by business people.

The address of fortune telling in Saigon is extremely prestigious

Address for fortune telling in Saigon – Uncle Duy – Go Vap

Contact phone number: 0866996832

Address: K26 Apartment, Duong Quang Ham Street, Go Vap District.

Uncle Duy is one of the oldest fortune-telling addresses in Go Vap, especially when it comes to business, business, trading, opening and departure dates. This is also the familiar fortune-telling address of businessmen in Saigon.

Address for fortune telling in Saigon: Co Hai – Tran Van Dang (District 3)

Address: 205 / 61/7 Tran Van Dang, Ward 11, District 3 (You can follow Cach Mang Thang 8 street and turn onto Tran Van Dang street, ask alley 205 Bat Nha pagoda to find the address of the house. Miss).

Contact phone: 0932 039 335 Watch time: 8:00 – 17:00 daily

Ms. Hai has always been trusted by women because of her ability to see horoscopes (especially those who are preparing to intervene under the knife to change their luck), house feng shui, playing cards and signatures. Her forte is choosing a beautiful opening date and suitable feng shui land for those who want to do business.

Master Nam Kha – Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street

Tha Kha looked at the horoscopes and said in great detail, so the viewing time with 1 person is quite long, about 30 – 50 minutes. If you feel that there is too much information to remember, you can ask the teacher to record it on your phone so you can listen to it again.

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Besides, the teacher has his own rule not to watch on Saturday, Sunday, the 1st of the month and the last 30 of the month, so you also need to arrange your time to save time.

Address: Alley 92 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh (near free electricity), City. Ho Chi Minh City

Address for fortune telling in Saigon – Chu Thanh – Binh Hung Hoa

He is retired, mainly considers fortune-telling as a pleasure in life, not paying too much attention to the issue of costs. But according to many of you who have seen fortune-telling and felt, you are still very enthusiastic about watching and predicting extremely well.

Contact phone number: 0984278909 Address: No. 19, 4th street, Binh Hung Hoa B ward, Binh Tan district

Ms. Thu – Tran Van Dang

Ms. Thu in Tran Van Dang is also one of the famous fortune-telling places in Saigon known by many people. The cost of fortune telling is about 100k or optional. Because it is one of the famous addresses, there are a lot of people coming, if you intend to see fortune-telling here, you should also arrange a time because it can be a bit long to wait.

See fortune-telling in Saigon: Master Hoang – District 5

The teacher specializes in reading palmistry, horoscopes, facial features, feng shui, houses, shops, opening zodiac day, reading cards… It is for this reason that before coming you should make an appointment to schedule an appointment because of information. Usually, his house is very crowded, whether it’s weekdays or weekends.

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Address: No. 6, Nguyen Bieu Street, Ward 1, District 5 Phone number: 0984358318 or 0916963868

The address of fortune telling in Saigon is extremely prestigious Address for fortune telling in Saigon

What should you pay attention to when going to fortune telling?

You should only go to fortune-telling alone

Many people often like to go with friends or see fortune-telling, but many people believe that too many people participating will affect the prediction results of the fortuneteller. There is a proverb that says: “Many people are mixed up” (many people have different mouths), so it will affect the fortuneteller’s ability to concentrate and attention. The problems and events that are asked for fortune telling will not have an end point. The results of divination will be difficult to avoid errors.


Alcohol will cause changes in human blood and qi. Normally, after drinking alcohol, blood qi increases, which will affect facial features. If you go to see fortune-telling at this time, it is basically impossible to see correctly. Therefore, after drinking alcohol, you should definitely not read fortune-telling.

What should you pay attention to when going to fortune telling? Address for fortune telling in Saigon

See fortune-telling while pregnant

Women are in the postpartum period, the birth of a new life will affect the qi field around the body. The mother without exception will also be affected. Therefore, the results of divination at this time will be misleading. Fourth, abort miscarriage and abortion Miscarriage and abortion are life-ending actions, which will bring negative energy, just like taboo during pregnancy. So within a week after miscarriage or abortion, it is necessary to abstain from fortune telling.

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Funeral family

According to folk beliefs, mourners often carry negative energy and bad luck in them. This type of yin will definitely affect the fortuneteller’s prediction. Therefore, within 3 days when just attending the funeral is not suitable for fortune telling.

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