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Sample essay Describing a goose in grade 4 includes a detailed outline and over 40 best essays Describing a goose is selected and synthesized from essays written by 4th graders across the country. Hopefully, with this sample essay, you will know how to develop ideas, accumulate more vocabulary to write a good essay Describing a goose.


Topic: Describe the goose.

Outline Describe the goose

Outline – sample 1

I. Introduction

– Introduction to the goose.

II. Body

* Shape:

– As a lion geese, it has a fierce appearance.

– Big body, weighs about four kilograms.

– It is an old goose, the plumage is a mixture of white and gray, with a few spots of brown.

– The neck is long, covered with long silky hair.

– The head is quite small, with sharp black eyes.

– The beak is black and hard, making it easy to find food.

– Long brown wings, often flapping.

– The legs are stocky like propellers but black, between the toes there is a connective skin membrane that helps them move when swimming.

* Activities:

– Every day, they go to the garden to find grass.

– On a hot summer day, go to the pond to swim and play with other animals.

– Be ready to attack if an enemy comes.

III. End

– The feel of the goose.

Goose description – sample 1

My grandmother’s house has a flock of geese, every time I come, I love to go out with her to feed the geese, every goose looks very cute.


My grandmother’s geese are many, there are both baby geese and small geese, and they are all very greedy. When my grandmother brought out a pot of bran, it was all gone in an instant, each child had a full stomach and then went back to the cool trees to sit. There are children who like to jump to take a cool bath. Among those geese, my favorite is a big goose, it has a gray plumage, but it is not dirty in the slightest. His feet are still very big, his neck is stretched out and he always cries “quack! Quack!” The beak is black. The two eyes of the goose are round black and look very cute. Only the tail feathers and wing feathers are dark gray, but the whole body of the goose is white, how beautiful it is. In particular, this goose likes to eat vegetables and he eats a lot. My grandmother said raising geese is like raising a lawn mower. Just give us a garden of green grass, and after a while, the grass garden will run out of grass. Goose is an omnivore that will eat whatever it wants. Sometimes when I go out with my grandmother to feed them, I see them eating big pebbles too. I wondered to her, “Grandma, goose is so hungry, why do you have to eat gravel?”. My grandmother laughed and explained to me that poultry in general are not just geese because their stomach is a muscular stomach, they need to eat gravel to be able to crush food while teaching their stomach to contract. The good lessons I learned from Grandma and from these geese themselves make me love them even more.

Goose is one of my favorite animals, I will try my best to study well so that my mother will let me go back to my grandmother to play with those lovely geese on weekends.

Goose – sample 2

My family is in the countryside, so my mother raises a lot of chickens and ducks in the garden. A few months ago, my sister gave her mother a big goose. Since the geese, both the garden and the pond have become bustling.

The goose belongs to the lion geese, so its appearance is quite fierce. He has a large body, weighs nearly four kilograms. The goose has been raised for a long time, so it has a long silky coat that combines pure white and gray, with a few spots of brown feathers. The neck of the lion goose is very long, covered by silky neck feathers, adding to his proud beauty. His head is quite small, but it is distinguished by sharp eyes and a long black crest from the top of the head to the beak. The black beak, which is hard, helps to hold its prey tightly and find food easily. On the goose’s body are long and sure wings that are always flapping and flapping as if to exercise their own health. The uncle was stocky, his feet were steady, and he was always careful with every step. His feet are like propellers but black, between the toes there is a skin membrane connected like a paddle to help him easily swim in the pond.

Day by day, in the early morning, he often cried “quack”, flapped his wings, flew in small segments as warm-up to strengthen his health. He went to the garden to use his sturdy beak to find food, his favorite foods were bear grass and rice. When the hot summer came, he immersed himself in the pond again, bathing in the cool blue water and playing with other animals. The goose is also ready to fight with any opponent if it is snatched for food, and is always the winner because he has good health and very fierce “hits”.

Goose description – model 3

Whenever I go to my grandmother’s house to play, I often go with my grandmother to feed the geese in the restaurant. The geese are special members of her family.

The flock of geese with 5-6 geese was placed in a large garden with a wooden house built by his grandfather. Geese are in the same family as swans but much larger. The geese in my grandmother’s house are all very stocky and healthy. The geese are half the height of a person, the plumage is dark brown, the belly is a little white. The feathers on the abdomen are very soft while the feathers on the wings are stiff and straight. Those feathers we often ask for to make badminton, kick very well and fly.

The gooseneck is jet black. The gooseneck is elongated and can be rotated in all directions. Plates of food that are low and far away are easily reached by them. The head is only as small as a human fist. The goose’s eyes were round and round, as black as its head. The hard, black goose beak, every time, “quack” as if to say something or just for fun? Children are often afraid to go near them for fear of being pecked by that sturdy beak, but geese never peck. They are also very docile and friendly.

The goose’s feet are also black and beautiful. The toes are not separated like chicken feet but are held together by a thin membrane. Every time they walk, they make creaking sounds, which are very pleasant to the ears, although they are not very heavy.

Every morning, the geese often go down to the river to swim in rows. Because of their waterproof fur, they swim freely around the pond, looking for prey without fear of catching a cold. On the shore, they thrash around to let the water splash out. When she saw her bring food, every child rushed over. This is when the long neck comes into play, with the older one reaching for the food first. They cry, some eat, some drink, all very delicious. The goose eats a lot and runs out of food every time.

I hope the geese will grow up quickly. Looking at the lovely geese and growing up healthy, the maternal family is even happier.



Goose description – model 4

My uncle brought home a pair of geese. Uncle said: “To raise enough poultry at home”. Grandma put the geese in a cage to let it get used to its new place. Grandma fed the geese separately and released the geese three days later in the yard.

The new pair of geese are used to the poultry yard at home. He walked slowly to the feeder and ate his breakfast deliciously. Young geese have reached adulthood perhaps four or five kilograms each. They have a white coat, smooth and shiny like silk. The round goose head is connected to the long neck. Two black, greasy, awkward eyes are very cute. The beak is long, like a duck’s, yellowish, slightly larger than a duck’s beak. There are two parallel holes on the beak that are its nose. The goose feet are dark yellow, the feet have four claws and are webbed like a duck’s feet. Compared to ducks, geese have a more beautiful figure thanks to their large and tall stature. The geese quickly get used to the house and they are easy to teach. My grandmother taught them to take care of the house. Whenever a neighbor’s dog sneaks over to eat cattle bran, my grandma calls the geese: “The.. the…”. Grandma gestured with her hand to indicate “dog”, immediately, the two dogs turned their heads towards the dog poking at the stooped head to steal the chicken’s food. The dog was in so much pain, let out a “yeah” sound and ran away. After the chickens, geese and ducks finished eating, Grandma opened the net gate for the ducks and geese to go down to the pond to bathe. Since the day he was bitten by a goose, the neighbor’s dog had not been seen sneaking in to steal bran anymore. Two very good geese. They quickly become friendly with domestic dogs, it also “gets used to” right away with domestic ducks. It does not bite domestic ducks or domestic chickens.

The goose is also known as the Swan. The geese we raise are not exactly like swans, but they also have the same beauty as this bird. The goose lays eggs and hatches the eggs. When the baby is out of the eggshell, it takes the baby to eat and take care of the baby very well. From this pair of geese, my grandfather raised a few more geese, making the herd of cattle and poultry much larger.

Raising geese is beneficial and makes the garden pond more beautiful. I really love the pair of geese he brought home. I often call it: “The… the…”, it understands and hears it right away. I see that the geese seem to love children too. It never threatened to bite children. Since the day Grandma raised a pair of geese, the poultry yard seems to be crowded, cheerful and colorful.

Goose description – sample 5

In addition to the domesticated dog to watch the house, there is another domestic animal that is often used in the countryside for a similar task, the geese. On one occasion when I went to my grandmother’s house to play, I was very surprised to know this.

There are only 4 geese in my grandmother’s family, but all of them are chubby and plump. One weighs about 3-4 kg, standing upright to the height of her thighs. They are kept in a netted area at the back of the garden, because the nature of geese is very aggressive and omnivorous, so releasing them will destroy the whole vegetable garden. Goose has pure white, soft and shiny plumage that is very beautiful. At a glance, he is quite similar to a gourd in both shape and color, except that the goose has a longer neck and is larger than that of a duck.

Their heads are only the size of a baby’s fist, always craning their necks and looking around. The beak of geese is quite long and hard, if you are not careful, they will be injured immediately. Thanks to that wide beak, every time a dog comes close to the chickens, they immediately open their mouths and say “The… the” loudly in alarm. My grandfather said that when he was young, he had to teach them to call like that when he was young, so now he can ask. Indeed, hearing the sound of the geese, even the dogs just dared to growl and leave.

Geese, like ducks, love to swim in the water. Every afternoon, my grandfather would open the cage for them to swim in the pond. The short, webbed feet connecting the knuckles waddled to carry the stout body to the pond. On the shore, they struggled so much, they immediately got into the water quickly. Geese eat very well, normally they are fed bran, rice, vegetables all day, when they go into the water, they swim to find small crabs to continue eating. As if eating was their pleasure.

On the first day when I returned to my grandmother’s house to play, I did not dare to approach them for fear that they would attack. It took a week to get used to them before they stopped dreaming about me. This flock of geese also regularly provides eggs for grandparents, how useful!


Goose description – model 6

At my house, my mother raised many animals such as pigs and chickens and also lovely round geese with white feathers that are very cute and the goose can still keep the house.

The goose that my mother raised is so fast it has the same body as the goose duck, but it is much bigger, the neck of the goose is also very long. Goose often eat dishes such as vegetables, bran and rice. Every time my mother feeds the pigs, how much bran is left for the geese and those lovely chickens.

The goose has a white plumage, and this feather when they go swimming is not waterproof at all. Every morning, when they are full, they waddling to the pond to reflect and admire. Then when the sun was high the goose swam around the pond to see if he could catch any fish or snails to eat. All day, just go looking for food without getting tired.

I also love my goose very much. Every time there is a stranger, it screams “quack! Quack!” Let the whole family know that there is a stranger. And my whole family loves this goose very much. Because it’s very smart. The long neck stretched out from time to time as if it wanted to peck someone else. So when children like me see a geese, they have to stay away from them without fear of their pecking. But for a long time, I used to feed the goose with my mother, it got used to it and when it saw me, it no longer stretched out its neck. The goose has a waddling gait because it is fat, it looks very cute.

I really like the goose because he sometimes provides eggs for my family, he also looks after the house. I will feed the goose more often because he is so helpful.

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