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A collection of more than 50 essays on Writing Letters to Mother, selected including outlines and sample essays to help students learn how to write letters to their mother in grade 4 or better.


Topic: Write a letter to your mother.

Outline Write a letter to your mother

* Letterhead

Place of writing, day/month/year

Address/Greetings (Example: Dear Mom!; Dear Mom.! Dear Mom.! ;…)

* Main content section

The reason and purpose of writing the letter (Why should I write this letter, on what occasion to write, ..)

Tell me about your mother’s work in the past time

Express your sincere feelings and gratitude to your mother

Can you briefly describe a memory/event that is most impressive to you to express your feelings for your mother?

Highlight the highlights that have been achieved in the past time

Lessons learned from at home, at school

Promise (Example: I promise to always be obedient, study well, be a useful citizen to society so that I will always be proud of you…)

* Conclusion

Mother wishes

Show the article here is the end


Write a letter to your mother – sample 1

…, day month Year …

My dear mother!

Are you still fine? I’ve been away for a week on business, so I’ll be back in a week. Every day you video call dad and us at home, but I still want to write to you, to give you a surprise. I asked you to go to the post office to send me a letter. At home, Bon and his brother are still very good, listening to their father. In the morning, my father got up to prepare food for the two sisters and then took us to school. Although the food my father cooks is not as good as my mother’s, it is edible. One day, when my father fried fish, he was busy running out to watch a little soccer game, the pan of fish burned black and had to buy another one to cook and not fry anymore. If my father came home too late one day, my grandfather would pick us up for dinner and then come home from work, he would pick us up. Without mom at home, it’s much more difficult, the house is also more messy, but don’t scold Dad when he comes back, he’s been working hard for us. When you come back, remember to buy Mochi and green tea cakes for your children, don’t forget gifts from both Bon and dad.

Remember to come home early with dad and us. The whole family misses their mother very much. I love and miss you so much mom.

My son

Ha Anh.

Write a letter to your mother – template 2

…, day month Year …

My beloved mother!

Today is October 20, Vietnamese Women’s Day. I regret that I can’t be with you to give you the fresh flowers you like. Mom, in that remote place, the Russia where you go to work for export, is the weather cold right now, mom? I’m sure you miss your family very much! Remember not to work too hard and harm yourself!

You know, at my dad’s house, I and Bin miss you a lot. Baby Bin always mentions his mother. Even though she was so young, she never bothered father and son. When she misses her mother, she only looks at her child with eyes sparkling with sadness but never cries even for an hour. And dad always looks sad. Dad didn’t say it out loud, but I know he misses you a lot. Since the day my mother left, my father has become very quiet, less socializing with friends. Sometimes I feel like my father is no longer interested in this life, but please rest assured because he always cares and takes good care of us. You know, every afternoon, Dad sits quietly on a stool on the porch and stares aimlessly into the distant space as if waiting for someone or something.

You know, I still remember your gentle and kind face with cool, clear eyes like the water of autumn lake. And every time you look at me with those loving eyes, I feel so happy, Mom. And at that time, it seemed that I was given more strength to overcome all difficulties, overcome all pain and sadness. And when I’m missing you, every time I stumble or get discouraged, I remember the look in your eyes that gave me so much energy to get up and continue on my path without you by my side. . Oh! How can I forget your hard-working hands when you stroke my hair lovingly every time I swoop into your lap like when I was a baby.

Mom, another winter has passed without you by my side, I miss you so much, I long for the feeling of being warmed by you on cold winter nights, being told old stories by you. Before going to bed, or simply listening to your mother’s sweet voice.


You know, I have prepared for you a gift that is not luxurious, but it contains all my love and respect for you. I hope you can come back to me so that I can give you that simple but warm gift that I made with all my efforts and with a heart that loves you dearly. I’m sure you will love it like you love yourself, take care of it like you take care of my own immature soul. And when you come back, with that small gift, I will say to you: “Mom, you are the greatest happiness of my life. On the occasion of October 20, I would like to send you my best wishes. the most beautiful and peaceful.” And the last word, I want to say to you with all my heart: “Mom, I love you so much”.

My daughter.

Write a letter to your mother – template 3

…, day month Year …

To my mother!

Mom, I’m Kim Chi – your daughter here. Mom’s Kim Chi is already in 5th grade. I’m trying every day so that you won’t be sad because of me. Mom, since I was 2 years old when I gave birth, you left me at home with my father and grandmother, then I went to earn money far away. At that time, people told her that she had to go far away with a lot of money. Mom called to tell me to earn money to build a house and buy beautiful clothes for me.

But now I’m still at my grandmother’s old house. Mom has been working for 6 years! When I was in 4th grade, my mother came home. I was able to stay with you for exactly a week and then you brought the suitcase to your grandparents’ house. Then the parents divorced. Since that year, I have not been able to live with my mother. Sometimes when I go away from home, my mother only comes to pick me up, I buy milk, buy clothes for me, and then I hurry to leave.

Mom, maybe you don’t know that I wish you asked me how to study. Mom can visit your school, ask your teacher like so many other parents, they still come to the teacher to ask about your child’s learning.

I also cried on the day of the announcement of the parent-teacher meeting. Daughter cries very weakly, but every time she meets, she tells her: “Tell your parents to go”. Many of you have grandparents gone, she said she didn’t understand about talking back to her parents and didn’t understand the argument.

In 5 years of school, I have never been able to go to a parent meeting. Dad is always busy working to earn money, and mom works far away to earn money, only Grandma. I know, if your parents don’t live together anymore, then you have no right to ask your parents to go to the meeting for you. But mom, I wish for once to let you have a meeting for me.

I still try every day, every year I get a certificate of merit. She said that she would study well and then go to university so she wouldn’t have to work as hard as her father had to work far away. But no matter how well she treats her children, she is not as good as her mother. I looked at your mom’s Facebook, she has another baby. I’m so envious of the two of you because you can stay with your mother all day, and you let her go out. If only I could be with my mother like that, how good it would be.


Mom, are you happy? I just hope you understand, you still have a daughter, I’m living with my grandmother, mom! Next time you come home, you won’t have to buy milk for me because I don’t drink milk anymore. Dad goes to work far away and doesn’t have time to take care of children, but mom doesn’t come back often? I have another baby… But with one more baby, Dad won’t love me anymore, just like her mother.

I just wish to be with you, to feel what life is like with you. Mom, if possible, the next parent meeting, please send me and come back to the parent meeting for me.

I love Mom. What I want is that you are always happy and don’t forget me, mom!

My son


Write a letter to your mother – template 4

…, day month Year …

My dear mother! So one autumn and also on this warm and loving holiday, I have to leave you.

I really want to be with you to share, love and directly say thank you from the bottom of my heart for you. Mom! I would like to thank you for giving birth to me in this life so that I can live and taste what belongs to humans. Thank you mom for working so hard to raise your child. You were with me when I was happy, when I was sad and shared with me like a friend in my time of need.

I sacrificed everything for you to grow up and have the precious qualities of a woman like me: always being brave, working hard, caring and sharing with me. I’m sorry for the times when I made you sad, you cried and took too many sacrifices from you so that your green head would have turned gray every day, your eyes were far away, your hands were thin… I find myself I’m sorry but not big enough to make up for it. I just hope time helps me grow up in line with your mother’s wishes and will try really hard not to disappoint your boundless love!.

In each of us, everyone will be a wife and mother, there will be happy moments from the family, from children, sometimes sadness because of the sad things in life. Children are not grown up enough, have not experienced the hard days of the mother and wife. But I partly understand the feelings, understand the worries and chaos of life that my mother has to go through to make me where I am today.

At times of trouble in life, I always want to find a peaceful place in my mother’s heart to be cuddled and comforted. Therefore, more than ever, I want it: “I love you so much. Even though I am an adult, I will still be your child so that my mother’s heart will follow me all my life”.

My son



Write a letter to your mother – template 5

…, day month Year …

My dearly beloved mother!

Mom will probably be surprised to receive this letter. Because you won’t understand why I’m writing this letter and what’s in it when I’ve made no mistake. Do you know?

I want to write you lots of love letters instead of having to receive my regular apology letters. It’s just because I’m an unruly child and don’t know how to express my feelings that I can’t tell you the words from the bottom of my heart. So I can only write these lines to let you know how much I love you!

Mommy! I think the Creator is too generous with me, because He has brought me into this life, giving me countless gifts. But for me, you are the most precious gift, not because you are a saint or a great person, but simply because you are my MOTHER.

I know you have sacrificed so much for us: our youth, our health, our own time…perhaps this whole life we ​​are always surrounded and protected by you! We were born, our family’s economy is not well-off, that’s why my mother always saves money to take care of our food and medicine when we are sick.

Although life is difficult, we always live in love and you always let us be equal to your peers. I still remember when we were sick, couldn’t sleep and cried because of the pain, but you stayed up all night to comfort us, find ways to put us to sleep. When I went to school, my mother was always worried so that we wouldn’t lose to our friends.

Mother said: “You see, because when I was young, I did not try to study well, so now I have to work hard, you have to work hard to study well, later you have a better life. , I can go to countries around the world, the more important thing is that I can prove myself to everyone.” Although the work is so busy and hard, my mother always follows and instructs us to study. Then I did not disappoint my mother’s expectations, the day I received the award for excellent math student in the province, my mother cried with joy and pride.

You are also a selfless person, I say this not because you have never hit us. But because you are always understanding and ready to forgive our mistakes. So from a young age, every time I got a bad grade or made a mistake, my mother was the first person I confessed to. Mommy! I know you are sad because of me so much! Because sometimes I disobey, even disobey, even indifferent to my advice. I’m sorry mom, even if it’s belated, I promise I won’t let you bother me too much anymore.

Dear Mom! I write these lines but I will most likely never send them! Time will pass, these words will fade over the years, but mom, our love for you is forever. Take time to take care of yourself! Give us a chance to repay your love. You promise to live a long time with us mom!

I love you and send you a thousand kisses!

My son


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